How to start your own business

Starting your own business is not rocket science. It does require some work, time and money but the investments will pay off if all that is required is thought trough. Roughly, starting your own business requires the following steps:

Define your concept

What is the name of your business? Who will it provide for? What is the mission, vision and values of your business? And of course, what is it that it will be selling?


After you have some definition of your business concept, the next step will be to do some research about your audience and your competition.

Create a business plan

Your business plan will basically contain information about what your business is, what strategy you will use to provide for your target audience, what will you be providing 

Design your concept

Designing your concept encompasses everything from your visual identity to designing your website.


During this step, using the design from the previous step, you create the actual website and/or all that is needed to serve your target audience.